The PULSE Award

Award Categories

This award was created by the Purdue Libraries Circulation/Reserve Team in 2004. Initial funding was initiated through garage sales, a craft/bake sale and individual donations. In the first year, $1,445.80 was raised from 40 donors. Contributions continued to be added throughout the year with the goal of reaching the $20,000 amount necessary to endow the award. In 2004, Libraries Dean, Jim Mullins, led a fund raising challenge and agreed to match pledges from the Dean's Fund dollar for dollar. In 2005, endowment efforts were achieved with the efforts and contributions of Purdue graduates Mike and Judy Humnicky of California, who both spent their time at Purdue (1966-70) employed by the Libraries. The first two awards were presented in May 2004. This year, 2022, three $1000 awards are available.

Selection decisions for this scholarship/award typically happen in the spring for each upcoming academic year. If you are selected to be a recipient, you will receive an email from the Division of Financial Aid notifying you that there has been an update to your financial aid package. You can check your MyPurdue account, the financial aid tab, at any time for updates.


  • 2023: Sean Bruch, Peyton Edelbrock, Catherine Gilhooly
  • 2022: Jacob Harbegger (PLF), Brant Plowmn (WALC), Elijah Carrasquillo (HKRP)
  • 2021: Tyler Davis (PLF & PRSH), Ethan Edwards (JPUR), Tabitha Wyant (ASC)
  • 2020: Elizabeth Coats, Olivia Crouse, Zachariah Menzie
  • 2019: Olivia Crouse (Office of Undergraduate Research), Brenae Newhard (Print Repositories), Nicole Szumigalski (HSSEB)
  • 2018: Joshua Groh (AVTE), Jonathan Reitz (LoES), Tatum Theaman (ASC)
  • 2017: Samantha Brown (Metadata Services), Joshua Groh (AVTE and ENGR), Adam Miller (PHYS), Heidi Prawat (PNHS), Derek Schrag (Library IT), Phil Shin (PHYS)
  • 2016: Jami Eller (EAPS), Matthew Groh (AVTE), Kaylee Parks (ENGR), Hannah Vaughn (Archives)
  • 2015: Andrea DaViera (HSSE), Jacinda Laymon (AUXS/VETM), Katie Martin (Archives), Lauren Niehaus (CHEM)
  • 2014: Bradley Kidney (Resource), Jennifer Sickles (VETM), Laura Wagoner (MATH), Michael West (PNHS), Derek Williams (HKRP)
  • 2013: Ciatu Fahnbulleh (CHEM), Brannon Springer (VETM)
  • 2012: Tiffany Eakin (Scian) (LIFE), Quintin Frey (Archives), Samantha Kuschke (HKRP), Patrick Polowsky (HSSE)
  • 2011: Shuting Huang (Scian) (LIFE), Dalonte Keemer (Scian) (UGRL), Ashley Sommers (AUXS), Michael West (PNHS)
  • 2010: Joshua Hignight (UGRL), Michael West (PNHS)
  • 2009: Sarah Cox (HSSE), Chassidy Glaze (ENGR)
  • 2008: Rachel Ballard (MEL), David Solomon (AUX)
  • 2007: Laura Scott (UGRL), Logan Vaughn (CFS)
  • 2006: Brian Davenport (MATH), Janice Hallenbeck (BUS)
  • 2005: Jill Anderson (HKRP), Andrew Davidson (VETM)
  • 2004: Joseph Dellamorte (TS-1), Anne Edwards (LIFE)