Dean's Team Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Libraries, Press and Copyright Office

Award Categories

Formed in 2011 to recognize a team from within the staff and faculty of the Purdue University Libraries, Press and Copyright Office for outstanding contributions to moving the Libraries forward. Teams consist of three or more regular staff and/or faculty members that form a council, committee, task force, work group or other group formed for a specific purpose.


  • 2023:
    Libraries Master Plan Core Group: Amanda Gill, Tracy Grimm, Phil Kolb, Dean Lingley, Robin Meher, Mark Puente, Rebecca Richardson, Candy Scott, Katey Watson

    Purdue Google Book Team: Allen Bol, Sandy Galloway, Cliff Harrison, Dean Lingley, Dan Rotello
  • 2022:
    DigRef Team: Emily Branson, Frances Christman, Angie Ewing, Thom Gerrish, Amanda Gill, Raelynn Boes, Sandy Galloway, Robert Freeman, Lara Grauerholz-Fisher, Joe Kinzig, Emily Little, Robin Meher, Tonya Mull, Ann O’Donnell, Sarah Reifel, Ben Sloan, Victoria Thomas

    Purdue Borrow Team: Alison Davis, Dean Lingley, Raelynn Boes
  • 2021:
    Libraries Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee Trivia Tournament Team: Allen Bol, Kevin Fargo, Erla Heyns, Frances Christman, Ashley Fawcett, Jacinda Laymon, Robin Meher, Standa Pejsa, Sarah Reifel, JJ Sadler, Katey Watson, Angie Welshimer, Dan Rotello

    Libraries and School of Information Studies Information Technology Team: Josh White, Matt Riehle, Shelly Haas, Kevin Fargo, Dede Frederick, Gaya Anand, Danny Vukobratovich

    The Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Library De-Densification Team: Robin Meher, Lori Bryant, Brianna Bush, Emily Branson, Ann O’Donnell, Teresa Balser, Candy Scott, Dan Rotello, Jacinda Laymon, Joe Cress, RaeLynn Boes, Audrey Braun, Sandy Galloway, Ashley Fawcett, Janna Bennett, Brittany Hudson, Victoria Thomas, Benjamin Sloan, Lara Grauerholz-Fisher, Hannah White
  • 2020:
    HVAC Project Team: Candace Scott, Jacinda Laymon, Dan Rotello, Daniel Yeoman

    The Purdue Archives and Special Collections Staff: Sammie Morris, Richard Bernier, Tiffany Eakin, Tracy Grimm, Adriana Harmeyer, Neal Harmeyer, Stephanie Schmitz, Mary Sego, Maureen Sharp, Katey Watson
  • 2019:
    Purdue University Press Interim Co-Director Team: Bryan Shaffer, Katherine Purple

    EZProxy Configuration File Clean-Up Team: Anna Subramaniam, Dean Lingley, Sue Long, Jill Stair, April Maybee
  • 2018:
    Print Repository Team: Janna Bennet, LuAnn Gooden, Becky Hunt, Ethan Shepherd, Melissa Waterworth

    ArchivesSpace Implementation Team: Carly Dearborn, Noel Diaz, Karen Fields, Meredith Gozo, Neal Harmeyer
  • 2017:
    Clerical and Service Staff Rightsizing Team: Lori Bryant, Lil Conarroe, Diana Deputy, Karen Fields, Sandy Galloway, Lu Ann Gooden, Audrey Grisham, Rhonda Haan, Becky Hunt, Jacinda Laymon, Sue Long, Liz Lukens, Robin Meher, Rachel Moore, Tonya Mull, Cheryl Oliver, Dan Rotello, Chelsie Schutte, Candy Sheagley, Donna Slone, Victoria Thomas, Terry Wade, Libby Wahl, Melissa Waterworth, Dan Yeoman
  • 2016:
    Job Description Update Team: RaeLynn Boes, Amanda Gill, Cliff Harrison, Monica Kirkwood, Diana Grove, Amy Winks, Tracy Grimm
  • 2015:
    Lynn Repository Team: Frances Christman, Lil Conarroe, Karen Fields, Sandy Galloway, Kathy Garner, Danielle Schiewer

    IMPACT Team: Michael Flierl, Catherine Fraser-Riehle, Nastasha Johnson, Clarence Maybee, Lawrence Mykytiuk, Maribeth Slebodnik, Amy Van Epps, Jane Yatcilla

    Get A GRIP Task Force: Nastasha Johnson, Hal Kirkwood, Judy Nixon, Pete Pascuzzi, Dave Scherer, Maribeth Slebodnik
  • 2014:
    Business Office Work Group: Joette Hutchcraft, April Maybee, Heather Oakley, Amy Storms
  • 2013:
    HSSE Re-purposing Team: Brenda Meagher, Candy Sheagley, Cindy Yeoman

    Advancement & Marketing Team: Elaine Bahler, Teresa Brown, Sandra Howarth, Kim Weldy
  • 2012:
    Creation of the Informed Learning Studio Team: Dianna Deputy, Sandy Galloway, Brad Heiss, Rachel Moore, Dale White

    HABRI Central Implementation Team: Debbie Maron, Gretchen Stephens, Jane Yatcilla
  • 2011:
    Orientation Committee: Marianne Bracke, Frances Christman, Mary Dugan, Wendy Kelly, Jane Yatcilla

    Data Management Plan Workshop Consulting Group: Marianne Bracke, Jacob Carlson, Megan Sapp Nelson