John H. Moriarty Award for Excellence in Library Service to Purdue University Faculty and Students

Award Categories

The John H. Moriarty Award for Excellence in Library Service is named in honor of John H. “Jack” Moriarty, who served as Director of Purdue Libraries from 1944 until 1970. “Service” had always been central to Moriarty, who held various positions in libraries across the nation, including the Library of Congress, before joining Purdue. One of these positions includes a visiting lecturer at the University of Illinois Library School as well as a frequent contributor to library journals. The former dean of library administration at the University of Illinois, R.B. Downs, wrote a letter when Moriarty retired, stating that he was very “impressed by the high esteem in which Jack was held on campus, from the university’s president down to the student assistants.”

The award was established in 1982 to recognize outstanding service and contributions in librarianship provided by members of Purdue Libraries faculty The award may be given more than once to a faculty member but not in consecutive years. Faculty members may nominate themselves or other faculty members for consideration. A selection committee that consists of the dean and associate deans will select the winner.

Criteria for Selection

The recipient of the award should show outstanding contributions in one or more areas, which have helped to further Purdue Libraries’ ability to provide information services to its primary user community. Examples of these areas include:

  • A significant contribution, which particularly benefits students and/or faculty;
  • A contribution which has had significant impact on furthering the operations and strategic goals of Purdue Libraries;
  • Significant information contributions recognized by the university;
  • Excellence in service through innovation and introduction of cost-effective services;
  • Excellence in service through the demonstration of continuous leadership.

About the Moriarty Award Endowment:

Moriarty and his wife, Jean, instilled a love of learning in their three children, two of which graduated from Purdue. An endowment for the John H. Moriarty Award for Excellence in Library Service was established to provide perpetual support for Purdue Libraries faculty. Richard L. Funkhouser, a deep admirer of Moriarty, endorsed this award to help recognize outstanding librarianship in supplying the information needs of the university. Members of the Moriarty family—among them his youngest son, Mark, and his wife, Linda—have committed to continue the Moriarty Award Endowment in honor of Moriarty.

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  • 2023: Chao Cai, Adriana Harmeyer
  • 2022: Matt Hannah
  • 2021: J.P. Herubel, Bethany McGowan
  • 2020: Nicole Kong
  • 2019: Nastasha Johnson
  • 2018: Pete Pascuzzi
  • 2017: Vicki Killion
  • 2016: Gretchen Stephens
  • 2015: Clarence Maybee
  • 2014: Suzanne Ward
  • 2013: Charlotte Erdman
  • 2012: Catherine Fraser Riehle
  • 2011: Maribeth Slebodnik & Amy Van Epps
  • 2010: Marianne Stowell Bracke
  • 2009: Christopher P. Miller
  • 2008: Megan Sapp Nelson
  • 2007: Katherine M. Markee
  • 2006: E. Stewart Saunders
  • 2005: Sarah A. Kelly
  • 2004: Michael J. Fosmire
  • 2003: Harold P. Kirkwood
  • 2002: Alexius Smith Macklin
  • 2001: Robert S. Freeman
  • 2000: Scott B. Mandernack
  • 1999: Shelia R. Curl
  • 1998: Vicki J. Killion
  • 1997: D. Scott Brandt
  • 1996: Judith M. Pask
  • 1994: Carl E. Snow
  • 1993: Gordon Law
  • 1992: Roberta Kramer
  • 1991: Edwin D. Posey
  • 1990: Priscilla Geahigan
  • 1989: Judith Nixon
  • 1988: John Pinzelik
  • 1987: Richard Funkhouser
  • 1986: Theodora Andrews
  • 1985: Laszlo Kovacs
  • 1984: Barbara Pinzelik
  • 1983: Marjorie Zumstein
  • 1982: John Houkes