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We apply the principles of library and archival sciences to meet the challenges and needs of researchers and students in finding, using, preparing, managing, curating and preserving research data. Working with our liaison librarians, we can help you plan, describe, disseminate, steward and archive your datasets.

Our Services

PURR provides an online, collaborative working space and platform for publishing and archiving datasets to support the data management needs of Purdue researchers and their collaborators. Go to PURR

We can help you draft an effective data management plan for your next grant proposal and provide you with tools and resources for completing your DMP in accordance with specific funder requirements. Contact Us

Metadata provides contextual description and documentation in a standard format; facilitates long-term preservation; and leads to discoverability of information resources and research data providing greater access to research and data. For consultations, please contact us.

The D2C2 is a virtual center that fosters collaboration and highlights research in data curation by Purdue's library science faculty and their collaborators. Go to the D2C2

We can provide instruction in research data management and curation to increase skills in the classroom, help in the adoption of best practices in the lab, and in the use of tools and systems with the goal of making data available for discovery, dissemination and preservation utilizing the Purdue University Research Repository (PURR). Contact Us

Big Data has been defined, among other things, in terms of the architectures and algorithms it relies upon (Hadoop, cloud, advanced statistical analysis, machine learning, etc.). Planning and performing everyday data management tasks become more complex, more time-consuming, and more prone to errors. In addition to researching the impact of Big Data on data curation and scholarly communication and drawing the landscape of Big Data at Purdue, Purdue University Libraries offer consultations on organizing, accessing, preserving and documenting Big Data. For consultations, please contact us.

We offer consultation on implementing data management and assessing data workflows to create solutions for curating and publishing data. Contact Us

Get DOIs (digital object identifiers) for datasets that you publish and manage using the EZID and DataCite service offered by Purdue. Go to EZID


Reid I. Boehm
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Research Data System Manager
Kelly Burns
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Research Data Management Specialist
Jerry Kuang
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Senior Digital Library Software Developer
Standa Pejsa
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Data Curator
Gang Shao
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Assistant Professor
Kevin Patrick Wiggins
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Research Impact Librarian