Melissa Chomintra

University Title:
Assistant Professor
Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education Library
Stewart Center

Professional Information

Liaison Areas:
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Data Services
Digital Humanities
Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Critical Disability Studies
Courses Taught:
ILS 595: GIS Research Methods
ILS 230: Data Science & Society: Ethical, Legal, Social Issues
ILS 395/WGSS 281: Feminist Inquiry and Research Methods
Research Areas:
Intersectional feminism; critical race theory; critical cartography; feminist geography; feminist information literacy
Master of Arts, Criminal Justice, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Master of Library and Information Science, Kent State University
Professional Experience:
Scholarly Engagement Librarian for the Social Sciences and Geospatial Data, Tulane University
Honors and Awards:
Teaching for Tomorrow Fellowship 2023
Memberships and Service:
National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) American Library Association (ALA) American College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Research Data Access and Preservation Association (RDAP)


Published Book Chapters

Chomintra, M. (2023). Oppressive Authority: Dismantling, Reexamining, and Reconstructing Notions of Authority in Information Literacy Instruction. In M. N. Mallon, J. Nichols, E. Foster, A. Santiago, M. Seale & R. Brown (Eds.), Exploring Inclusive & Equitable Pedagogies: Creating Space for All Learners, Volume 1. (pp. 103-120). ACRL.

Published Articles

Chomintra, M. (2024). Critical race digital literacy rubric for assessing mis/disinformation literacy instruction lesson plans. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 50(3).

Chomintra, M. (2023). Assessing the use of critical literacies in mis/disinformation literacy instruction. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 49(5). (DOI:10.1016/j.acalib.2023.102762) Available at:

Chomintra, M. (2023). "bell hooks Feminist Pedagogy in the Library Classroom," Feminist Pedagogy: Vol. 3: Iss. 1, Article 6. Available at:

Chomintra, M. (2022). Reflecting on Critical DEI Practices in Spatial Collection Development, Metadata, and Instruction. Journal of Map and Geography Libraries. (DOI:10.1080/15420353.2022.2128971)

Published Book Review

Chomintra, M. (2021). Caroline Criado Perez. Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men. New York, NY: Abrams Press, 2019. 411p. Paper, $27.00 (ISBN 978-1-4197-2907-2). LC 2018-59561.. College & Research Libraries, 82(3), 456. doi:


Chomintra, M, et al. "How we think Panel Discussion Spring 2024". Aaronson Lecture Series. John Martinson Honors College. Purdue University 28 Feb. 2024.

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Chomintra, M. & Cleary, K. (2023, November 26–29). Information literacy and research as feminist praxis in the undergraduate classroom. NWSA 2023 Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD, United States.

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Chomintra, M., Comeforo, K., Cutts, Q., Matacin, M., Opdycke, K., Pizer, B. (2023, March 2–5). Honoring the legacy of bell hooks' transformative pedagogy as feminist praxis. AWP Annual Conference 2023, Atlanta, GA, United States.

Chomintra, M. (2023). Reclaiming Data: the Power of Data Feminism. [Invited Talk]. Tulane University Libraries.

Chomintra, M (2023, February 9–11). The Student Research Paper as a Site of Resistance: Using Feminist Pedagogy to Dismantle Systemic Knowledge Politics. AAC&U 2023 General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment Conference, New Orleans, LA, United States.

Alvarez, B., Chomintra, M., Raub, C., Tucker, C.E. (2022, November 10–13). Reproductive Health at the Reference Desk: Connecting Library Users to Information Through Activism and Advocacy. NWSA 2022 Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, United States.

Chomintra, M. (2021). Identifying Subordinate Power Dynamics within Information Literacy Instruction. [Poster Presentation]. The Librarian’s Association of the University of California, Berkeley.

Chomintra, M. (2021). Conducting Feminist Centered Socially Just Information Literacy Instruction. [Conference Presentation]. New Orleans Information Literacy Instruction Collective, August 2-5, 2021, New Orleans, LA.

Chomintra, M. (2020). Utilizing ArcGIS Story Maps for more Impactful Service Learning. [Invited Talk]. Tulane University Center for Public Service Faculty Series.

Chomintra, M., Kearney, C., & Knowlton, S. (2019). Making Sense of Ones and Zeroes: mapping out digital and data services step by step. [Conference Presentation]. Louisiana Academic Library Conference