Active Learning Spaces

Purdue Libraries are leaders in creating active learning spaces to support student-centered learning. Read about or reserve IMPACT classrooms in the Libraries. Priority access is given to IMPACT’s Faculty Learning Community instructor’s for course delivery. To learn about active learning classrooms in the Wilmeth Active Learning Center, click here.

Scholarship about active learning spaces

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  • What is it about learning that will happen in this space?
  • How might this space be designed to encourage students to spend more time studying?
  • How might this space enrich educational experiences?

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Journal of Learning Spaces (open access)

Purdue's IMPACT classrooms

Hicks Classroom

Hicks Classroom (HIKS G980D)

Capacity: 72

G980D is located on the ground floor of the Hicks Undergraduate Library. The room contains an instructor station with document camera, 4 sets of large, flat screen monitors, several whiteboards, and an ITaP print station. An instructor microphone and whiteboard markers can be checked out from the Hicks iDesk. This room is available for general reservations only after 6:00pm.

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Learn Lab

Learn Lab (Kran 250)

Capacity: 40

The Parrish Library houses the Learn Lab, a medium computer lab designed for innovative multimedia instruction. The Lab contains 40 computer terminals, one instructor station, 3 smart boards, and several collaborative whiteboard huddle board stations. When not reserved, the space becomes an open lab for students. This room is also set up for BoilerCast audio capture.

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