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Website Evaluation Chart

Web Site
Evaluation Criteria

Sources of
additional information

Authority, Reliability, Credibility


  • Author's/creator's qualifications/credentials?
  • Author's occupation / position / education / experience?
  • Affiliation (institution, organization, etc.)?
  • Does an institution or "parent organization" support or endorse the information?
  • What is the mission of the organization?
  • Is it a national or international institution?
  • What is its membership?
  • When was the site created or published?
  • Are the facts accurate?
  • How does this information compare with other sources in the field?
  • Cited sources in bibliography
  • Associated links from site


  • Does the author express a particular point of view?
  • Does the author have a bias?
  • Are the author's affiliations reflected in the message or content?
  • Do the associated or linked web pages have a bias?
  • Is the publication directed toward a particular audience (general public; scholars; practitioners; etc.)
  • What is the domain of the URL (e.g., .com, .edu, .org, .gov , etc.)?
  • When was the site created or last updated?
  • Site URL
  • Associated links from site
  • Corporate or institutional web page


  • To what audience is the author writing? Is this reflected in writing style, vocabulary, or tone?
  • Does the material inform? Persuade? Explain?
  • Is there sufficient evidence?
  • What conclusions are drawn?


Determined by
your own reading
of the document