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Instructional Services

Education & Training

  • Reference Hours in the Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences Library:  8-5, Monday - Friday, or by appointment. 
    Drop in, or give us a call (49-41416) and ask to speak with one of the librarians.

  • Contact a librarian for a one-on-one training session. We can work with you to identify the best resources for your research, visit your class for a tailored instruction session designed around your assignments, or review your assignments ahead of time to highlight the complementing library databases for your learning objectives. For one-on one sessions please contact:

    Visit the Purdue Libraries' Instruction page, for yet more information and resources!

Recommend a purchase.

Students and professors are urged to let us know if there are books or journals they'd recommend that we purchase for the Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences Library.  Please send a note to Vicki Killion, Head, Health/Life Sciences Division (

Instructions to Professors for putting materials on Reserve in the Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences Library
To ensure that your students have access to class Reserve materials at the beginning of the semester, please send in the Reserves Submission Form for Reserve materials at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester.  For materials that have to be ordered (new books or requested from other libraries), please send your request as soon as possible!

Reserve Item Types

We can place on Reserve the following types of material:

  • Books from the Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences Library.
  • Books from other Purdue Libraries.
  • Copies of class notes, homework, exams.
  • Photocopies of articles or book chapters, subject to the limitations noted below due to copyright restrictions.

Copyright Restrictions

Due to copyright restrictions, we can accept photocopies for Reserve as follows

    We will place on Reserve one copy of one chapter, not to exceed 10 percent of the whole book.  Exceptions to this limit will be made only if the book is on order or is verified to be out of print.
    We will place on Reserve only one copy of an article.

Submitting Reserve Requests

  1. Fill out a Reserve Submission Form for each class and for each item for which you want materials placed on Reserve.  Note:  If you have placed materials on Reserve in the past, stipulating that they should permanently be on Reserve, we still have to have the form submitted to verify that the material is still needed.
  2. Provide a black, three-ring notebook for any class notes, homework or exams to which you will have material added each week.  If using the same materials as in previous years and they are barcoded, please resubmit the barcoded material.
    Note: We would like to urge you to mount this kind of material on the Web rather than placing it on Reserve in the Library. 
  3. Send the completed Reserve Submission Form(s) at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester.  We would prefer submission via electronic submission form, although receipt of a printed version or an email attachement is acceptable.  Send to:

Cheryl Oliver, Circulation/Reserves Assistant
Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences Library
Purdue University Libraries

Please contact Cheryl Oliver, 49-41418 or, if you have any questions.


Last update: June 29, 2012