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  • ChemLibNetBase - a wealth of chemical information from Chapman & Hall/CRC, available on the Internet.
  • ChemNetBase - Essential Information for the Professional and Technical Communities Worldwide!
    CRC Handbook of Physics and Chemistry - This resource allows searching and browsing of the numerous tables and data found in the print CRC handbook. Includes interactive tables for data manipulation.
  • Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and NanoTechnology - This encyclopedia examines the design, application, and utilization of devices, techniques, and technologies critical to research at atomic, molecular, and macromolecular levels ranging from 1100 nanometers. 
  • EngNetBase - CRC ENGnetBASE gives you online access to some of the world's leading engineering handbooks. Currently, almost 800 titles are available.
  • Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology - "Presents a wide scope of articles on chemical substances—including their properties, manufacturing, and uses. It also focuses on industrial processes and unit operations in chemical engineering, as well as covering fundamentals and scientific subjects related to the field. Additionally, environmental and health issues concerning chemical technology are also addressed."
  • Knovel - Knovel provides numerical and tabular data from leading engineering and science resources. Currently, almost 1600 titles are available.
  • NetLibrary - To access titles through NetLibrary you must create a (free) account with them. Follow the above link from on-campus and click on the 'create a free account' link in the upper right. Once the account is created, the materials can be viewed from on or off campus.
  • Safari - Electronic library covering computer languages, programming, electronic business, and other technology related fields.
  • RSC Publishing (Royal Society of Chemistry) eBooks Collection - Good source of materials for those interested in the Environment, Food Science, or General texts for Chemistry or the Chemical Industry.
  • Springer The section on Business and Economics has over 95,000 titles. Once in the section for the subject of your choice, be sure to mark the radio button on the right to search within the section, if you want to just search this subject.
  • Ullman's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry - Details the science and technology in all areas of industrial chemistry.
  • Google Book Search
    To learn more about Google Book Search; the number of items available, where they come from, Google's partners... try the help pages for this new service.

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