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Course Reserves

The Physics Library at Purdue University encourages instructors to place materials on reserve that you feel students would find helpful in their studies. We ask that you give us time to process (and purchase if necessary) the materials before the beginning of the semester. Please give us your list of reserves one month before the start of the new semester, and if you know the library does not own a copy, we would appreciate even more lead time.

To submit your list, you can just email us the details, or stop by and give your list to one of the staff.

In order to more accurately process your requests, we ask that you give us as much information as you know about the material, for example: author, titile, year, edition, publisher. Especially as textbooks frequently are revised, we need to know if you are using a new edition, so we can order one accordingly. Also, let us know if you are providing a personal copy. Personal copies will be returned after the end of the semester, when we remove all the course reserve materials.

Lecture Notes and Problem Sets:

We will accept copies of your notes and problem solutions. Make sure that you keep a copy of the notes/problems, as they have been known to wander off before, and we do not keep backup copies in the library. You also have the option of putting your personal materials on your web site and let students get the materials from there. Please let us know if you do so, so we can advise students looking for the materials accordingly.

Also, let us know if you want your Lecture Notes back at the end of the semester.