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Management & Economics Library (MEL)


Departmental Links:

  • Krannert School of Management
  • The Krannert School will be internationally recognized as a premier institution for management and economics education, scholarly research, and the development of career opportunities for those interested in becoming leaders of technology-driven, globally competitive enterprises. Krannert will be distinct from most business schools by having the highest-quality expertise in the leadership and management of technology-intensive organizations.

  • Dept. of Ag. Ec.
  • The mission of the Department of Agricultural Economics is to acquire and transmit new economic knowledge to the citizens of Indiana, the nation, and the world to support more informed decisions.

  • Dept. of CSR
  • The Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing strives to be a center for world-class scholarship, teaching, and research. Our vision is to provide students with the education and experience needed to succeed in their chosen fields. The faculty and staff serve the needs of students, business/industry, and the community by focusing talents and resources to improve people's lives and meet the needs of the future.

  • Dept. of HTM
  • The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Purdue University strives to be a leading provider of superior education and quality service while serving as a foremost proponent of research and technological advancement in the hospitality and tourism industry. By aligning its services with its mission, the department continues to reach goals and move forward offering exciting opportunities to the students of the HTM department.

  • Purdue Homeland Security Institute
  • Through multi-disciplinary discovery, learning, and engagement, our mission is to enhance our ability to anticipate, detect, and act against all threats to our homeland. This is to be accomplished by:

  • Improving our understanding of people, cultures, and societies.
  • Enhancing our capabilities through accelerated creation, validation, and dissemination of new science, engineering, and technology.
  • Representing homeland security as a system of systems in order to gain a holistic appreciation of complex interdependencies.
  • Using and developing advanced cyberinfrastructure for knowledge-generation and use of decision-making.