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Printing to library printers from your laptop


1. Go to Start menu -> Run
In the text box type the following:
The user will be asked to authenticate. This is their career account information.

In the username field, the user needs to remember to include


before their username.

2. Once authenticated, a window will open which includes a list of all the printers in the libraries. These printers are named by building, not library, so LIFE is called LILY.
Find the printer of interest. Be sure to use the one with LIB in the name.

In the LIFE Library,
select the following:


3. At this point the printer is installed on the computer and will be in the selection of printers when a printout is requested.

4. A pop-up box asking if you want to
proceed with the printing will NOT appear.
Future usage: The computer will keep the printer designation, but for future use, the user needs to connect to the printer server prior to using the printer. So the first couple of steps will need to be done again the next time the user wants to send something to that printer.

Printing from

Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4

Complete step by step instructions:

Printing to


The same steps can be used to connect to ITaP printers in the labs, but instead of using, the address to use is