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Study space in the engineering library


There are several areas to which to study in the Engineering Library:

Group space:
Group space is available on the main floor of the Engineering Library. The large group study space is located near the reference area. This area features round and rectangular seating for 4 -8 people. However for smaller groups, there are study rooms on the main floor (South wall) and in the basement of the library. Each of these rooms is equipped with a computer with a screen on a swivel mount, and a blackboard.

Individual (quiet) study area:
Each floor of the library has some quiet study area: On the first floor, the Periodical room has individual carrels, there are individual carrels along the west wall of the bound Periodical area. On the Mezzanine (one floor down), there are individual study carrels along the walls of the Mezzanine. Finally, there are individual carrels along the walls of the basement book shelf area(2 floors down). There are also carrels located near the ITaP computers in the basement.

Informal study areas
There are also some informal study areas:  The periodical room on the first floor has a few upholstered chairs and love seats. There are also a few love seats near the photocopier area on the first floor.

Wireless access is available for all above mentioned areas. Each area has electrical outlets. For information on how to print from a laptop to the library printer, click here.

Group Study Room Usage Policy

Group study rooms are intended for use of groups of two people or more. Individuals may use the rooms. However, should a group of two or more request to use the room, any individuals using the study spaces alone, will be asked to vacate the room.

To request a room please go here and make the request. You will have to sign in to do so.