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International Patents on the web and in the library

International Patent Databases

esp@cenet (European Patent Office) permits searching of more than 60 million patents using limited fields, keywords, IPC, and ECLA from 82 countries.    esp@cenet advanced search

PatentScope (World Intellectual Property Office) searches international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications

Canadian Patents Database contains 75 years of patents and is provided by the Canadian Intellectual Patent Office

Japanese Industrial Property Digital Library
PAJ contains machine translations from Japanese to English when DETAIL is displayed.

Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder Scholar) is the principal chemical literature database, including international patents and patent families. It is licensed for Purdue users only. May want to use Java client from home.

Related International Patent websites from USPTO web site
Links to other Countries


International Patent Classification (IPC) current version is 8th ed.

European Classification (ECLA) Similar to IPC, based on a previous version of IPC

Japenese FI/F-Term

Search by FI/F-Term 

Full Text Patents

esp@cenet permits retrival of millions of patents from many countries.      Also shows patent family.

PAT2PDF retrieves patents from France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. 

PubWest (Only accessable in the ENGR Library with staff assistance) 

Expert Help

WIPO standards that help when identifying patents
Standard ST.2 Two-Letter Codes for the Representation of States, Other Entities and Organizations

Standard ST.16 Standard Code for the Identification of Different Kinds of Patent Documents

Training Resources

Inventor Resources (USPTO)  uses a question and answer format.  The site also includes “On-Line Chat Transcripts,” and “FAQs from Previous Chats.” 

Patent Search Tutorial (Pennsylvania State University). 

Patent Searching: Tutorial and Guide to Online Resources and Information (University of Texas at Austin)

Independent Inventor Tutorial Training Course is available on Patent and Trademark Workstation in Engineering Library.

STOPFAKES.GOV is a government program to help small businesses prevent intellectual property piracy.  More in-depth information and country toolkits are available.