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MET 102 Expert System Webliography

The following pages are the landing pages for the MET 102 expert system. The MET 102 expert system is a computer program that will guide the user to appropriate print and online sources. The expert system parses questions and recommends lists of sources that are likely sources of answers. If you have questions regarding the expert system please contact Amy Van Epps or Megan Sapp Nelson.

Directory of pages for MET 102 expert system
Business Resources Catalogs (Product catalogs)
Chemical Engineering Company Information Resources
Construction and Construction Management Definitions (Subject Dictionaries)
Electrical Engineering Drawing (Engineering and Technical)
Electromagnetics/ Frequency/ Conductive Properties Electronics
Human Factors Fasteners
Industrial Engineering Handbooks
Materials Engineering Inventors
General Materials Information Materials Properties
Specific Materials Types (Glass, Plastic, etc.) Patents
Mechanical Engineering Size
Packaging Engineering Standards
Safety (Occupational Hazards and Chemical Safety) Statistics
General Reference Sources Tolerances
  Vendors and Purchasing
  Web resources

For further information on how to locate information, the MET 102 powerpoint presentation, and the MET 102 expert system are also available.

Reference help is available via Qwidget (see left), AIM: PurdueEngrLib,, 494-2873, or in person.

Reference hours are:

  • Monday - Thursday 8 am - 9 pm
  • Friday 8 am - 5 pm
  • Sunday 1 pm - 9 pm