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Map Room

Guide to Map Cases and Filing Cabinets Contents

case # / Map Cases

case#/Filing Cabinets

 1 IN Miscellaneous  1-12 USGS numbered series maps  
2 USDA Forest Service Quads; 2Q Archival topos, miscellaneous scales  13-17 State Survey maps (GSA Map & Chart Ser. #13A)
3A-6J USGS Archival 7.5" topos (excluding Indiana)  18-21 Indiana County aerial photos  
6K-7TUSGS 15' topos  22-28 Miscellaneous aerial photos  
8-16L Indiana, Alabama-Wyoming USGS current 7.5´topos; 16L = AK 7.5'

Label /Other Objects

16M-18 I-O USGS Series: 1:31,680, 1:50,000, 1:100,000,1:125,000, 1:250,000    TC Tall cabinet, holding 3D topo maps and USGS Folio Series 
18A-H,19-21Thematic Maps: Universe, Oceans, World, (including OSS),Continents, Countries, US, 50 states (excluding IN) LT Light table used for tracing maps
22 Index mosaics for Indiana counties; 1929Aerial photos of the Wabash River USGS I-series, GQ, OFR; Library use only  MT Map tubes  
23-26 Canada 1:50,000 topos
Canada 1:250,000 topos Canada 1:5000,000 topos
 On FC #13-20 (on top of filing cabinet) USGS Publication Guide, other books, slides, film, other media  
 27Navigation Charts & Maps
NOAA Nautical Charts of the Great Lakes
 On MC Road Atlases, state and city travel maps  
28-29DMA Map Series; Ocean Drilling, International boundary US/Canada  On MC #23-24 USGS Topographic  map indexes  
   Desk 1 - Staff desk  
   Desk 2 - Patron computer & oversized scanner  

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