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Is it just me, or are traditional energy sources getting too costly?


For this lab, we are going to try and learn a little bit about alternate energy sources by checking out the literature. You all will be assigned a research question, about which you will do a presentation in lab the week after next (next week is an open lab to finish work on your presentations). The best presentations will be invited to present before the entire class the following week. This is your chance for fame and glory (and extra credit)!

Here is a brief outline of what we are going to do today:

* Articulate a research question, based on your given topic
* Search the web for some backgrouind material
* Evaluate the quality of your web sites
* Find a journal article relevant to your topic
* Compare journal articles vs. web resources
* Explain briefly what is expected from the presentations

NOTE: HW from lab
due in class next Wednesday.

...And We´re Off