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Circulation Loan Policy Reserves Support Staff

Purdue University's Aviation Technology Library is a separately located branch of the Siegesmund Engineering Library. In addition to serving as Purdue's resource library for aviation, the Aviation Technology Library supports teaching and research activities of the Department of Aviation Technology.

The collection includes over 4000 monograph and serial volumes on aviation electronic technology, aviation maintenance technology, general flight technology and professional pilot technology. The Federal Aviation Administration publications and other selected government documents and technical reports are also part of the collection. Most aeronautics research materials are housed in the Engineering Library.


Aviation Technology (AVTE) Library
Dania Remaly - Library Assistant / Reference Assistant
Telephone: 765-494-7640
dremaly "at"

Instruction using the Internet and Libraries resources are available by appointment for courses, groups and individuals; contact Assistant Engineering Librarian, Charlotte Erdmann at 494-2872. We provide course-integrated instruction. This means that we will tailor our instruction to meet the goals and objectives of your course and/or assignment.

Video players and tapes/DVD's are available for instructional use.
A photocopier and a microfiche-to-paper printer are also available.

CIRCULATION The Circulation Service Area, where you check out materials, is located at the entrance of the library. Circulation services are provided by staff members and student workers. The goal of the Purdue University Libraries' is to ensure the availability of materials for all library users.

Students, faculty, staff, retirees, and postdoctoral researchers on Purdue's West Lafayette campus use their photo ID card, issued by the Bursar's Office, as a library privilege card. Present your card each time you request circulation services.

A valid Purdue University photo identification card is required to charge out materials. Books may be recalled earlier if requested by another user. Some reserve materials, microfilms, and audiovisual materials must be used in the library. For information or questions about Access Services Loan Policies, SEE

High use materials with limited circulation are placed on reserve. Some reserve items may only be used in the library. To access and use materials on reserve, make a request for desired items at the Circulation Desk (located at the entrance of the Library).

Material may be placed on reserve by instructors for student use. Reserve material must be requested from the Library Assistant, and used in the library.