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Resources for Aeronautics, Astronautics and Aviation

Electronically available resources list.

The following list of resources introduces some of the information available about aviation technology. Included here are encyclopedias, dictionaries and directories as well as resources to locate relevant journal articles, conference proceedings and government publications.

This bibliography also includes sources of employment information. These materials are available in the Aviation Technology Library unless otherwise noted. See the Aviation Technology library representative for further information.

Encyclopedias and Almanacs:
Aviation & Aerospace Almanac 629.105 Av524 (latest in reference area)
Encyclopedia of Jet Aircraft and Engines 629.13334903 Ot4e (reference area)
Encyclopedia of Technical Aviation 629.13003 B776e 2003 (reference area)
Jane's All The World's Aircraft 629.505 AL5 c.4 (reference area)
Jane's World Airlines
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation 629.13003 J254  (reference area)
World Encyclopedia of Aircraft Manufacturers: From the Pioneers to the Present Day 338.4762913303 G957w (reference area)

Technical Reports
    Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) -pertinent scientific and technical information.
    National Technical Information Service (NTIS) -central resource for government-funded scientific, technical, Engineering, and business related information.
    Nasa Technical Reports Server - Nasa technical reports.

Aviation and Space Dictionary 629.503 G289a (reference area)
Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary 629.103 G957c (reference area)
Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms 629.13003 C85c (reference area)

Airport/Facility Directory 387.736 Ai76 (reference area; latest only)
Aviation Internet Directory 629.13 M554a (reference area)
Jane's Airport & ATC Equipment 629.136028 J254 (reference area)
Post-Secondary Aviation & Space Education Reference Guide TD 4.8: Av 5/8  (reference area)
SAGA International Directory of Aviation Products and Services 629.13430294 Sa181 (reference area)
World Aviation Directory 629.505 Am3a c.94 (on reserve; latest 5 years)

Government Documents:
Advisory Circulars see shelves for holdings
Aircraft Accident Report 629.13255 Ai74
    also 1986-1993 on microfiche TD 1.112

Aircraft Type Certificate Data Sheets and Specifications on microfiche, TD 4.15
Airworthiness Directives, Part of Federal Aviation Regulations on microfiche, TD 4.10/5
Federal Aviation Regulations 629.5 Un355rab c.2
Sectional Aeronautical Charts C 55.416/10 (reference area; latest only)
Terminal Area Charts (VFR) C 55.416/11 (reference area; latest only)
U.S. Terminal Procedures C 55.411 (reference area; latest only)
World Aeronautical Charts C 55.416/13 (reference area; latest only)

Employment Sources:
Air Jobs Digest 629.1023 Ai71 (latest 6 months)
Aviation/Aerospace Jobs Page
Boeing Employment
Southwest Airlines Employment
United Airlines Employment