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    Web Resources and organization links can be found in Useful links at the end of this list of databases.

    McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of science & Technology Online. Search encyclopedia articles plus a news archive. Indexes 2,000 biographies of scientists.

    Aerospace And High Technology Database
    Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Database covers basic and applied research in aeronautics, astronautics and space sciences. It also includes technical reports issued by NASA, other U.S.government agencies, international institutions, universities and private firms. Covers 1986 - date.

    Jane's All The World's Aircraft
    Descriptions and key specifications for civil and military aircraft.

    Jane's World Airlines
    Contains descriptions and analysis of more than 500 world airlines.

    Lexis Nexis
    General news; business, medical, and legal news and information; reference information.  

    Proquest Research Library
    A general search database that contains many aviation publications, an active publication list, and the ability to search within the publication.

    Transport Important bibliographic database of journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports for U.S. and international transportation research and economic information. It includes: Transportation Research Information Service (TRIS), International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD), and TRANSDOC. 

    is the world's most comprehensive bibliography, with over 40 million items. Covers information back to the 11th Century. Includes holdings information from the world's libraries (books, journal titles, conference proceedings, technical reports, etc.)  It is useful for verifying references and locating relevant resources for your research which are owned by other libraries and available for interlibrary loans.


    Useful links for Aviation Technology


    Aerospace Engineering Resources on the Internet via Internet Connections for Engineers (ICE)
    The purpose of the ICE Project is to provide a catalog of Internet-based engineering resources to allow engineers, researchers, engineering students and faculty to find useful information. Maintained at Cornell University Engineering Library.

    AIAA Meeting Papers Searchable Citation Database
    The America Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics AIAA Meetings Papers Searchable Database, updated quarterly, contains author, title, paper number, and conference date and location information for papers presented at AIAA meetings from 1992 to present. AIAA materials are also available at the Engineering Library in paper and in electronic form.

    The Air Show
    The Golden Age of Aviation from the end of WWI to the beginning of WWII.

    Air University Library
    Indexes citations since 1988 to significant articles, news items, and editorials from military and aeronautical periodicals. This subject index is updated continuously.
    This website contains breaking news, a photo gallery, videos, special, reports, and a news archive.

    Airlines contains general information about any airlines for viewing and comparing fares, check-in times, pet travel policies, and more.

    Amelia Earhart Papers
    George Palmer Putnam Collection of Amelia Earhart Papers, Purdue University Libraries Special Collections.

    Aviation and Aerospace Jobs Page
    Jobs listed from the Engineering/Technical/Computers/ Aerospace/Defense/Aviation subject categories.

    Aviation Week and Space Technology
    Aviation Now Home Page hosts Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine from McGraw Hill. Universities and FBOs
    Aviation Homepage of comprehensive links to aviation university sites, flight schools, and FBOs (Fixed Base Operators).

    Boeing 737 Technical Site
    This website is full of information, schematics, and photographs in operational, mechanical, and training material. This website is not connected to the Boeing Company.

    NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System monthly safety bulletin. A staff pilot acts as an aviation safety analyst and publishes portions of actual ASRS Report Submissions to illustrate an intended subject of aviation safety.

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    EAA The Leader in Recreational Aviation
    EAA, Experimentl Aircraft Association, was started in 1953 by a group of individuals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who were interested in building their own airplanes. Through the decades, the organization expanded its mission to include antiques, classics, warbirds, aerobatic aircraft, ultralights, helicopters and contemporary manufactured aircraft.

    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Virtual Library
    The Aerospace Virtual Library is a resource for advanced research and development in the aerospace field. The Aviation Virtual Library is recognized as one of the leading online resources on the topic of aviation.

    Engineering Library; Aeronautics, Astronautics and Aviation
    Collected links for Purdue students, facutly and staff to journal databases, subject specific internet directories and other useful online resources.

    General Aviation Manufacturers Association
    Parners with FAA to reduce number of general aviation airplane accidents with data analysis of accidents. GAMA also strives to identify adverse trends, disseminate safety information, impliment interventions, and adopt training standards.

    ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
    ICAO, The International Civil Aviation Organization, established in 1944, is a specialized agency of the United Nations. The Organization is responsible for developing international rules governing all areas of civil aviation.

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    Lafayette Aviation
    Lafayette Aviation, Inc. (LAI) is a full service Fixed Base Operation, (FBO). The services we provide are fuel sales, aircraft maintenance, air charter, flight training, aircraft rental and aircraft sales. Along with these services we strive to meet the needs of all of our customers, no matter how unique they may be.

    Lafayette Avionics
    Lafayette Avionics, Inc. is a full service avionics facility (Class III with a limited instrument rating).

    Landings: Expanded Directory
    Provides links to the Federal Aviation Administration web site for Federal Air Regulations, Airworthingness Directives and Type Certificates, lists Air Forums, and provides aviation news.

    London Heathrow Airport Aviation Enthusiast's Site
    The purpose of this site is to provide useful information about the world's busiest international airport including details of recent interesting movements, travel information, etc.

    My Airplane
    Aviation Information with approach plates, weather center, FAA written exam prep, and training support.
    Flight deck simulations, news, and a photo and video gallery.

    National Business Aviation Association
    NBAA, The National Business Aviation Association, is a trade association headquartered in Washington, DC, was founded in 1947 to represent and protect the interests of the business aviation community. NBAA represents over 6,100 companies that own or operate general aviation aircraft as an aid to the conduct of their business, or are involved with business aviation. Consists of more than 7,000 member companies who are sucessful business aircraft operators. NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention is the world's largest civil aviation trade show.

    National Intercollegiate Flying Association
    Formed for the purpose to develop and advance aviation education, enhance safety in aviation, and to provide an arena for collegiate aviation competition.

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    Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
    PAMA's mission is to enhance professionalism and recognition of the Aviation Maintenance Technician through communication, education, representation and support -- for continuous improvement in aviation safety.

    Purdue University Airport
    This site includes statistics and data about the airport, flight schedules, transportation and news as well as weather information.

    The Regional Airline Association (RAA)
    The Regional Airline Association represents U.S. regional airlines and the suppliers of products and services that support the industry, before the U.S. Congress, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation and other federal and state agencies.

    The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
    Covers the National Air and Space Museum from the National Mall in Washington D.C. Hundreds of original and historic displays of notoriety. Twenty two exhibition galleries with tours and educational programs.

    Thomas Register
    Thomas Register is the most comprehensive resource for industrial information, products, services, CAD drawings, and more.

    Thomas Research
    Thomas Research offers investment and company research. Research reports include international companies.

    Tri-State War Bird Museum
    The Tri-State Warbird Museum is a non-profit aviation museum dedicated to military and historic aviation. They have an operational aircraft collection, and take part in vintage aircraft restoration and preservation.

    Society for Automotive Engineering/Aerospace
    SAE Aerospace is involved in all sectors of air mobility, including airplanes, helicopters, spacecraft and ground support.

    University Aviation Association (need log in for some information)
    UAA is a nonprofit organization of more that 625 collegiate aviation educators, government, industry, and general public representatives who avocate for the advancement of degree granting aviation programs.

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