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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan supports the instructional, research, and scholarly activities of currently employed or enrolled West Lafayette faculty, staff, and students by obtaining research material not owned by the Purdue University Libraries.

Access the Interlibrary Loan System: Login to ILLiad


Enables you to search for and request books directly from CIC libraries and the Center for Research Libraries. Click here to search and make requests.

Our Services

ILL Borrowing Policies

Making Requests

Place your requests using the secure online document request form.

If a Purdue Libraries book that you need is currently checked out, you may place a recall on it using the "Recall this Item" link, or you may place an interlibrary loan request for it and we will borrow it from another library.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on many variables. Here is current turnaround time information for items requested through interlibrary loan. (Delivery of locally-owned items differ. See Document Delivery section for service and eligibility details.)

  Photocopies Book Loans
Filled within 5 days 64% 38%
Filled within 10 days 87%
Filled within 15 days 97% 96%

Quantity of Requests

A user may submit as many requests as necessary. However, large numbers of requests from a single user may not all be handled at the same time.

Office Hours

Interlibrary Loan office’s current hours are listed on our website at:


  Loans Photocopies
Faculty/Staff Mailed to campus address Most photocopies will be posted to a web server for you to view and print. When your article is ready, you will receive an email message with instructions for accessing it.
Graduate Students Held at the Interlibrary Loan Office in the HSSE Library. You will be notified when your items are available
Undergraduate Students

Exceptions: There are occasional exceptions to the method or place of delivery, such as cases in which the lending library has designated a piece as "library use only." ILL staff will alert users in these instances.

Due Dates for Book Loans

To avoid penalties, please return loans by the date indicated on the book band. Return ILL books to the drop box near the ILL Desk (HSSE Library, 2nd floor).

Renewals for Book Loans

Renewals are often possible. Please place your renewal request online at least 3 days before an item is due. Online renewals cannot be placed on or after the due date. If the item is overdue, you will need to contact the ILL office at 494-2803.

To request a renewal online, login to your Interlibrary Loan account.  Click the “Checked Out Items” link in the menu on the left side of the page.  Click the Transaction Number in front of the item you would like to renew.  If the item is renewable, a red “Renewal Request” link will appear above the item information.  Click the link to submit your renewal.

ILL staff will confirm the new due date by email usually a few days later when we have heard back from the lending library.


ILL staff notify users of overdue material. Failure to return ILL material on time, or to respond to a recall notice in a timely manner, may result in the loss of ILL and/or library privileges, and may also incur charges to cover the cost of the material plus overdue and/or processing fees.

Copyright Compliance

The Interlibrary Loan office complies with the U.S. copyright law and reserves the right to refuse a copying order if, in the staff's judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of the copyright law.


The Libraries absorb the costs of most ILL transactions. In those rare cases when there would be a cost passed on to the requester, we will ask for your authorization in advance.

ILL Lending Policies

Indiana Libraries (Except For-Profit)

Please place your orders via OCLC.

Loan period is 30 days with a two week renewal usually possible.

We participate in the INfo Express delivery program with daily shipments and delivery.

CIC Libraries

Please place your orders via OCLC.

Please call (765) 494-2800 if you have any questions about our lending policies or billing.

Other Libraries: Academic, Public & Government (US & Canadian)

Please place your orders via OCLC.

Costs: Loan or Photocopy Fee - $15.00.

We prefer IFM billing, but will invoice.

Loan period is 30 days with a two week renewal usually possible


If you are an Indiana resident, you may use the Purdue University Libraries collections on campus and apply for a borrower's card to check out circulating books. Call Circulation Services at 765-494-0369 or visit the Circulation Services Website for details. If you cannot visit campus to use material that is here, contact your local public library's interlibrary loan service.

If you need material which is not available in the Purdue University Libraries, contact your local public library's ILL department.

If you are affiliated with an academic institution, contact your library's interlibrary loan department.

Non-Return Billing Policy

Any Institution that fails to return material within 30 days past the due date will be billed for the replacement cost of each item plus a non-refundable $25.00 processing fee per item. Institutions returning material within 180 days of the billing date will receive a credit/refund for the replacement cost only.

Document Delivery

The Libraries are pleased to offer comprehensive document delivery services for currently employed West Lafayette faculty, staff, and visiting scholars.

What is document delivery? It is delivering the research material you need to your desktop or office quickly and efficiently.

Document Delivery turnaround times may vary from the average during holidays and breaks.

If you request... will get... ...within approximately
A book owned by Purdue The book delivered to your office 2-3 business days
An article or chapter available in paper at Purdue An electronic copy of the article or chapter posted to a website 2 business days
Material available electronically to Purdue affiliated users An email with information explaining how to access the electronic material 1 business day
The loan of a book report, dissertation, or conference proceeding not owned by Purdue
The book delivered to your office
5-10 business days
Copies of an article, chapter, or paper not owned by Purdue An electronic copy of the article or chapter posted to a website 2-7 business days
*Some exceptions may apply
*Document Delivery turnaround times may vary from the average during holidays and breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this service cost?
Nothing! The Libraries cover the cost of providing this service.

How do I place an order?
Click here for the order form.

Do I need to check in advance to see if an item is available on campus or not?
No, just place your request. Libraries staff will handle your request as an on- or off-campus order as needed.

I'm on sabbatical away from the campus area. Will you mail a book to me?
Sorry, book delivery is only available to campus departments. Ask the university hosting your sabbatical work or a local public library about their interlibrary loan services. However, you can access electronic resources remotely (click here for details) or request electronic delivery of an article or chapter.

I'm a graduate research assistant or a graduate teaching assistant. Am I eligible for the service?
As a student employed at Purdue, your primary classification is as a student. We will scan and electronically deliver to students articles or chapters held in the Hicks Repository. If the item you need is held elsewhere in the Purdue Libraries, you will receive an email notice with the location and call number.

Other questions?
Call the interlibrary loan/document delivery office at (765) 494-2800.


Regular Hours
  • Monday - Thursday
    8:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Friday
    8:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday
    3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

* ILL turnaround times may vary during holidays and breaks.

CLOSED: Jan. 5th-6th


Purdue University Libraries
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ILL Service Desk Location:
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